Who run the world? Girls!” sings out the beloved popartist in the well-known hit song and all women around the world whoop along: “We run this world!

“Potatoes and oranges” is a 12-episode drama series. About women.


The heroine Vivian has studied psychology and works as a counselor. She was  married for 10 years and has as many years of experience as a practicing psychologist. Her marriage ended unexpectedly and her private practice was also born unexpectedly. The heroine would rather not recall the story... But thanks to the vivid scandal and sudden fame, something wonderful was started!

The stories that unfold before the eyes of the viewer are strikingly honest, because you do not lie to a psychologist! Yet, Vivian's life experience has taught her that wisdom from school and solutions that work in real life are sometimes two completely different things. Therefore...


Potato is gray and pale, as we know. Looking at it does not make your saliva run nor your fantasy fly. All you think about is how to eat it today. Peel and boil it? Or fry it? Or put it in the oven without peeling? It does not matter. Potato is potato and will always be one. Yet you can always rely on the potato. It is cheap, always available and fills the stomach well. The potato-woman is exactly the same! For a long time already, looking at her does not make the man's heart beat faster (did it ever beat faster or was it the voice of reason that told him to grab her?). She is good, hard-working, reliable and never leaves you hungry. You can have as many children with her as you can, because the good potato-woman covers and feeds all of them. Including the man.

Orange... Imagine the superb color, smell the aroma! Feel how the salivary glands burst into action and the Adam's apple jerks? Now think how you will peel it... Strip after strip and the sight that unfolds raises an appetite in you that you can barely restrain. You tear it to slices, gobbling every mouthful hungrily, and you feel with pleasure how the sweet juice flows down the throat. This is what the orange-woman is like! Just seeing her makes the man's spine sweat. She has not even noticed him yet  (if she will notice at all!), but he already knows and feels how wonderful she smells and how superb she tastes... He wants her so bad that he loses the ability to think straight. There is only one feeling in him  – desire. The delicate orange knows this. And takes advantage of him! But you do not care if you are... a man!

NB! For the sake of the truth it must be said that the majority of women think they are oranges and just as many women are actually pure potatoes. There is not one potato that would not like to be an orange, just as there is not one orange that could ever become a potato...



The heroine. 34-year-old psychologist. Was married for ten years, now free and single. In the beginning of the pilot works as a psychologist at a clinic. By the end of the episode opens a private practice. Becomes known through a scandal in which she labels women potatoes and oranges.


Vivian's older sister. Married, mother of three daughters. Hysterical and dissatisfied housewife whose problems and needs must be the top priority of everyone around her.


Vivian's younger brother. The lastborn of the family who in the age of 20+ still lives in his parents' home and lets his mother and father provide for him, even though he says he is a good businessman and visionary. Despite plans none of his undertakings has not been a success and he has his father clear up his mess.


Vivian's father. A tycoon who is still active, but more and more loves to spend time for the good of himself and his family, not only of his businesses. A Father and Husband with capital letters, a great man in both soul and deeds. Vivian's role model and trustee.


Vivian's mother. Of Slavic blood, used to be pretty, but still has not been able to accept her shrinking charm and growing age. Temperamental, but positive personality who always sees only good in everything and everyone.


Laura's husband and father of their three daughters. Father-in-law thinks children is the only thing Otto can make, even though the son-in-law is actually a good worker  (repairs motorcycles). Otto does not speak much, because Laura speaks for two. Otto will rather have a beer.


Vivian's closest friend. A public servant (lawyer at ministry) whose goal is to find a suitable man. She looks for the suitable candidate from all possible and impossible places, in a hundred different ways, and when her plan fails (and it does fail), she needs Vivian's help.


Vivian's assistant. The first and last person Vivian hires for her new office and who becomes the heart and irreplaceable part of her private practice. A colorful figure with his own kinks who becomes the unforgettable symbol of Vivian's practice.


Vivian's neighbor from Lasnamäe. A neat married man who stops by Vivian's apartment more and more often when walking the dog, taking out trash or going to clean the carpet. Boris is convinced that a single woman is not right and from the goodness of his heart always tries to find something to help the woman next door with.


A man from the past. Vivian's ex-husband. The love of her life.



I am 34 years old, in my prime, as some people think. Thirty may be little, much or just right. Depends where you look from. Today I have no children, no man, no home that is truly mine and some feel I should hurry with all three so that I would not be hopelessly late. At least this is what my sister Laura thinks, she has all of the above. I am the master of my free time, can spend my money only on myself and date as many men I possibly can and want and this is a big bonus. At least this is what my best friend Brita thinks. I have a job that I love and this should be enough to be happy. At least this is what I think.

I can say without a doubt about my childhood that it was happy. A safe home, loving parents, sister and brother, pet... Even though I grew up much more independently than Laura and Kevin. The eldest child used the right of the firstborn to demand all of her parents' attention from birth, the youngest fought as fiercely for the status of the lastborn. As the middle one, I just was...

Exactly 12 years ago I married Mark. Not because “22 is the last chance”, but because of Great Love. It just was That Feeling and That Man. Our marriage lasted for 10 years and ended as unexpectedly as it had started. But during these ten years I made all the mistakes that million other women make. Because of love. I gave everything I had to give, because I thought that was the idea of marriage. I tried to be the perfect wife and therefore screwed up in every possible way. And just when it seemed to me that my efforts must finally start paying off now... it all unexpectedly came to an end.

I am a psychologist. Good? Definitely. The best? Possibly. I have had a wonderful teacher. Life.


The series “Potatoes and oranges” is produced by Duubel 3 OÜ that has also made the first Estonian crime series “Kelgukoerad” (2006-2013, www.kelgukoerad.tv) and the most popular drama series “Pilvede all” (2010 - ... , www.facebook.com/pilvedeall).

You can contact the production team of the series by e-mail: info@vivian.ee